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OKAY, so to explain this; I met him on the set of the Fifth Estate, where I was an extra for one day (so it's possible you'll see me back in the film!) and this is what happened after shooting a scene with Benedict...

I got chosen as a fixed background character with two others. We were in the background of the scene, pretending to be hacking stuff (we were employees of Assange) and meanwhile, Ben was doing his lines and it was amazing. We had to react to the very loud shout he was giving: "We're NOT BREAKING THROUGH!" It gave me chills, honestly.

So after two hours of pretending to be hacking, they thought the scene was good and then we went to the exit.

Ben was walking next to me, and I just HAD to take my chance. I turned to him and said "Hi!"

and he looked at me and I swear to God, the man is beautiful in person.

"Hellooooo... how are YOU?" he asked.

I said "I'm fine! You were really good back there... I'm a really big fan of yours."

and he was all like "aw bless you! nice to meet you." and he shook my hand. then he asked for my name, and I said "Marina" and he repeated it in that beautiful baritone voice of his, followed by "beautiful name."

And then, (I can't even believe I remained that calm), I said: "This may sound like an odd thing to ask, but… may I give you a hug?"

and he was all like "OF COURSE! Come here!" and he PULLED ME TO HIM!

his hugs are GODLY. and he smelt SO nice.

unfortunately, then he had to go, but... oh my God. I hugged my hero. he even said "see you later" when he left (and he was right, we had to shoot another scene a couple of hours later) but sdfksfio'safdsaf.

I still can't believe how lucky and blessed I am. My life is made. I just… can't believe it. Like it was a dream. But it HAPPENED!

I met Ben, I talked to him, he complimented me, shook my hand and hugged me.


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